7. Ever since I began photography I was always interested (and perhaps a little obsessed) with the idea of creating your own world - a world to dream up and allow others to see - whether they get it or not. I’ve also grown up with a really vivid imagination - so vivid that sometimes… it gets me in trouble. It allows me to create extreme, intense, and absurd scenarios in my head that in reality - don’t exist. I think I may have just admitted to being crazy, but that’s besides the point…

    Photography has always been an outlet for my imagination to play. With these painted portraits, I was able to take that a little further. I’ve always been inspired and influenced by raw natural beauty, color, and the divine. It was very personal to be able to shoot some of my closest friends whom I’ve known and loved since back in grade school and subject them into my own little psychedelic, ink-stained world. 

    Hope these add a little color into your life and have a beautiful weekend!

  14. In honor (and awareness) of an upcoming festivity this weekend I decided to give you a look into my own studio. I’ve never really had a concentrated space to create, it’s always been on the floor of my bedroom or on a blanket in the grass. It’s amazing what a dedicated space does for focus and submersion. Sometimes I feel as though I’ve left earth and I don’t realize 6 hours have gone by until my stomach decides to remind me that I do - in fact - need nourishment. I feel as though I’ve created my own little portal with objects and colors that inspire me to be me… 

    I have only recently started painting on my images and it’s become extremely gratifying. Adding illustrating to my photos has been rewarding, encouraging, inspiring and slightly frustrating… kinda like the perfect boyfriend (just kidding love you Thom). Anywho, enough rambling, let’s get to the point…

    This Saturday I will have a few images in “The Local Show” organized by the ever so talented and whimsically villainous kiwi master Marvin Arevalo. There will be drinks, food, family, music, and most of all art. If you are around come by and say hello.